Small Groups

What does the word "prayer" make you think of? A religious activity for old people and vicars? A weird superstitious ritual? A moment of desperation? Or perhaps a heavy sense of duty - something that we ought, and struggle, to do.

Confusion reigns. Yet, at one time or another, just about everyone prays. In moments of terror even atheists may cry out to the God they don't believe in. Most of us pray, but often as though we're shooting in the dark.

Wonderfully, the Bible - and Jesus especially - shows us what real prayer is: talking ... to the real, living God ... in a way that he chooses to hear and answer.

This Good Book Guide looks at what the Christian message tells us about "connecting" with God - how and why we can talk to God knowing that he will listen and respond. Forget formulas and techniques. This is about real communication with the real God - the unique Christian privilege of real prayer.

1. Why pray?     Luke 8:9-14

2. How not to pray.   Matthew 6:5-8

3. How to pray.      Matthew 6:9-15

4. Praying confidently.        Hebrews 10:19-22 & 4:14-16

5. Praying dependently.      John 15:1-17

6. Praying in weakness.      Romans 8:9-30

7. Praying to serve.      1 Corinthians 14:1-25


We currently have 10 Small Groups, including those meeting during the day time and evenings.

Please contact Tim if you are interested in joining a Small Group that is right for you.


“Our Small group is such a blessing – a place where we can get to know one another better, discuss God and our faith in a non-threatening environment, pray for one another, support and encourage one another.”