Some of the courses which we have offered from time to time include the following;

  • Alpha
  • Becoming A Contagious Christian
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Christianity Explored
  • Discipleship Explored
  • Empowered
  • Explicit Gospel
  • Exploring Pastoral Care
  • Fruitfulness on the Frontline
  • Jesus The Game Changer
  • Life Explored
  • Six Steps To Loving Your Church
  • The Bible Course
  • The Course of Your Life
  • The Marriage Course
  • Towards Belief
  • Two Ways To Live
  • Uncover Luke
  • Uncover John
  • 40 Days of Purpose

“I remember sitting in a ‘Christianity Explored’ group and the notion of being a Christian, the work has been done. For me a truly life changing idea. The gift of grace and how to accept it. For me its clear that God truly loves me. He gave up his son for my sins.”

Life Explored

UncoverJesus the game changer