The S H A P E Course

As part of the Chichester Diocesan Year of Vocation at South Bersted church we will be offering the  opportunity for you to explore why God has called you into  existence by attending a SHAPE course and  engaging in Sunday sermons.

Have you discovered the unique purpose God has for your life?

This course is designed specifically to take you to that next level of purpose - to  reveal how God has designed you, and help you see how that design fits the intention for which you were created.

In these six SHAPE sessions, Erik Rees unpacks for us the five elements of God's blueprint for creating you based on Rick Warren’s S.H.A.P.E. acronym from The Purpose Driven Life.

Each session includes tools that help bring crystal clarity to your future goals and show you how to have the most fulfilling life possible - a life lived for God's Purposes, by God's design. There will be teaching on a DVD to watch, self  reflective exercises and an opportunity to discuss together.

Sunday sermons this term will be related but not directly linked to the Small Groups, although there maybe some ‘take-away’ questions, that will help us apply the scriptures even more personally.

If you are not already part of a Small Group, this course would be an ideal time to join one, spaces are available during evenings and daytime. Small Groups will need to schedule 6 sessions this term. It may be that if you have to miss your own group's session one week, you could visit another group, at another time, for the session you missed. Please speak to Tim asap, to join a regular group that is right for you, or find out where you can go and when, to catch up on sessions that you miss.