Bishop Luffa School

Admission to Bishop Luffa School

Bishop Luffa School is a mixed 11-18 Church of England comprehensive school. Its distinctive Christian ethos is a key element of the School’s character and success.

Although Bishop Luffa converted to academy status, it’s admissions policy remains the same. Unlike Community or Controlled schools, the directors of a church academy set its own admissions policy and its own criteria that help form the School’s Christian character. While there are “Community” places for children of parents who live locally but have no church connection, the majority are “Foundation” places. These are reserved for children and/or their parents who worship regularly at their local church. Categories within the Foundation places distinguish frequency of attendance, and denomination.

Directors are keen to strengthen the link between Bishop Luffa and its local parishes. For this reason the School’s admission policy gives preference to children living within the three deaneries of Westbourne, Arundel and Bognor, and Chichester itself.

The directors make every effort to apply the Admissions procedure fairly and impartially. No consideration is given to academic ability or aptitude; directors have information only concerning the church attendance of children and/or their parents. The school is frequently over-subscribed. When this happens, proximity to the school is the deciding factor. All applications for Foundation places must be accompanied by a Church Support Form. These are sent directly to the clergy.

The School prospectus, containing full details of the Admissions procedure and an outline of its rationale, and the latest Bishop Luffa news, online at

Austen Hindman, Headteacher


If you intend to ask the vicar at South Bersted to sign a Church support form for Bishop Luffa School in the next three years can you please write to him with details of the name and age of your child. Please give the year in which your child will begin secondary education.

These are the main questions that I am likely to be asked on the form:

1. Which category best describes the child’s & (separately) parents’ normal attendance?

a) Normally weekly (at least 3 times a month) b) Monthly c) Rarely or never

2. If the attendance relates to the parents, are the parents/parent communicant members of the Church of England?


3. How long have the family been coming to your church?

a) under a year (please give dates)

b) under two years (please give dates)

c) two years or more (please give dates)

In recent years there has been pressure on places. In order to be eligible for a Category A foundation place at the school, it has generally been necessary to answer:

1. Normally weekly                                                   2. Yes                                                              3. Two years or more

This policy has been put in place by the directors of Bishop Luffa School in consultation with parents and local churches. I am obliged to fill in Church support forms honestly. Please contact me earlier rather than later if you feel there may be problems. The forms are filled in during the October of the year previous to school entry so the two-year period ends at that time.

Tim Crook, vicar